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QR Code Scanner App

The QR Code Scanner Mobile App is an Android Mobile App from Ideas Lab Group Limited. This app was built as a commercial app and is available at a cost of $2.99 and must be used as is.  Try it Now!!! The simplest, precise and fastest QR and Barcode Scanner and Generator.  Try it Now!! Detailed DescriptionQR & Barcode scanner and generator is the simplest and fastest QR/barcode scanner and generator on play store.
QR and Barcode Scanner and generator/QR code reader and generator is easy to use.To Scan a QR or Barcode simply open the app, place a Bar or QR code inside the viewfinder rectangle, and Voila!!! Its read or scanned. The QR and Barcode scanner will decode any barcode or QR code automatically once your front or back camera is pointed at and shows the results.To generate QR or Barcode tap into the text box to choose whether you are generating QR or Barcode icon and type the information you want associated with your code in the text box. The Information entered in the text b…